Full & Partial Dentures in Coeur d'Alene and Ponderay

Do you miss your missing teeth? Have you considered dentures but worry that they will look fake and too much like your great-grandma's dentures?

Older man and woman standing outsideNo one wants to walk around with big gaps in their smile or wear dentures that look and feel like they were designed for someone else's mouth. At North Idaho Dental Group, we take great care to custom craft realistic-looking, well-fitting dentures for each patient.

The best dentistry is a blend of science and artistry, and our dentists excel at both! They will consult with you throughout the process, considering your wants, needs, and desires when designing your one-of-a-kind dentures. Their job isn't finished until they're sure you are in love with the fit, feel, and look of your new teeth.

Types of Dentures Offered at North Idaho Dental Group

There are two basic types of removable dentures: complete and partial.

  • Complete dentures replace an entire arch of upper teeth, lower teeth, or both.
  • Partial dentures replace one or more missing teeth and are secured with

Implant Dentures and All-on-4 Dentures 

We can also combine dental implants with dentures that do away with the fit and function issues of removable dentures:

  • Implant dentures are complete dentures supported by dental implants placed in the jawbone for stability. This type of denture can be removed by the patient.
  • All-on-4 dentures are similar to implant dentures, but they can only be removed by the dentist.

Which Type of Dentures Is Right for You?

One advantage of removable custom dentures is that they are affordable and can be ready in a few weeks. Removable dentures are an excellent choice for patients who can't get implants or don't want to wait months for them to heal.

Implant-retained dentures offer stability and greater peace of mind because they don't move around and shift as removable dentures do. Since implants provide a stable foundation, these dentures look, feel, and function the most like natural teeth. Another benefit is that implants placed in the jaw help prevent the bone loss that occurs after tooth loss.

The Process for Getting Removable Dentures

partial and full denturesEvery patient and case is different, but the usual steps for getting new dentures at our Coeur d'Alene or Ponderay dental offices are as follows.

  • First, we examine your gums and soft tissue to ensure they're healthy and ready for new teeth. We also take comfortable, mess-free digital impressions that a custom dental lab uses to fabricate the denture base. You and your dentist will discuss the denture teeth's aesthetics, including their desired shape, size, shade, and positioning for a realistic appearance.
  • At your second appointment, we use a loose-fitting denture to perfect the bite and ensure there's no clicking sound when chewing or speaking.
  • The third visit involves a wax try-in denture to show you how the final version will look. We'll work together to make adjustments as needed before sending it to a custom lab that crafts your final dentures.
  • At your fourth and final visit, we fit your final dentures, and you'll leave with a complete smile and a set of dentures that no one will suspect are not your own teeth.

As you get used to wearing your new dentures, we'll work with you to make any fit adjustments needed.  

Which Type of Denture Is Right for You?

Getting dentures is a big step, and there's a lot to consider. Our dentists are very supportive and understanding and will make every step of the process easy, comfortable, and stress-free.

If you would like to get started with dentures, please contact us to schedule an appointment. We are pleased to serve patients in Coeur d'Alene and Ponderay, including Sandpoint.